Self-compassion Talks & Videos

Here are some great youtube talks related to self-compassion that I found out and helped me in my personal life. I invite you all to have a look at them, hoping it will definitely be helpful to you, especially if you are self-critical.

  1. School of Life – What is Self-compassion?
  2. Kristin Neff – 2-Minute Tips: How to Practice Self-Compassion
  3. Stephanie Kwong – FitLife – How To Have Self Compassion
  4. NICABM – Self Compassion: What It Really is and Why It’s So Practical in Psychotherapy
  5. Jack Kornfield – Freedom Though Self Compassion
  6. Dylan Stirewalt – TEDx 2013 – Redefining self compassion & mental illness
  7. Kristin Neff – Empathy and Compassion in Society
  8. Tara Brach – Learning to Respond not React
  9. Yvette Erasmus – How to Cultivate More Self-Compassion
  10. Yvette Erasmus – Practical Self Compassion Part 1 – Tools and Practices
  11. Yvette Erasmus – Practical Self Compassion Part 2 – Strategies and Q&A
  12. Tara Brach – The RAIN of Self-Compassion
  13. – How to show yourself self-compassion
  14. Kelly McGonigal – Why Self-Compassion Matters, and How to Develop It
  15. Kelly McGonigal – Stanford video – Navigating with compassion, poise and willpower

You can also watch the entire playlist here.